INFERNO is a collaborative club night brought to you by performance artist and DJ Lewis G. Burton and renowned DJ and producer Sebastian Bartz (Venice Calypso).  INFERNO was been going since Febuary 2015. The duo will marry the camp with the underground, pop with techno and the good with the bad, creating an exciting new clubbing environment that London is lacking. INFERNO has grown into a community space giving a platform to emerging artists and DJs as well as showcasing new works by resident performance artists and special guests alike. INFERNO prioritises and champions queer, trans*, non-binary and female DJs and performers.

In February 2018 Lewis G. Burton curated the INFERNO SUMMIT, a two-day seminar exploring the intersections between queerness, nightlife, performance art and music. In August that year the INFERNO zine was launched with help from Arts Council England. Both the INFERNO SUMMIT and the INFERNO zine will become annual events.

INFERNO has been housed at a variety of events, raves and venues across London and Europe. Special thanks to all the venues and parties that have housed us. Thanks to all the performance artists, musicians and DJ's that make INFERNO possible. None of this would be possible without the communities continued support and love, so thank you.